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"Reframing Reality"

Reframing Reality - 6in x 10in - Oil on Panel - $1100 - 4mb file.jpg

Medium: Oil Paint on Masonite Panel

Size: 7in x 10in

On hiatus
further notice

After long consideration, I have decided to step back from painting for a bit. Honestly, this feels good for me. I love painting and producing art, don't get me wrong, but I have been examining my relationship to art and think that a break would be healthy for me. Additionally, I am currently learning a new skill which I am excited to focus on, Coding!

I have never coded in my life, so this is a skill that I have 0 experience in. I am starting from scratch. I applied to a program called, "LaunchCode" and was accepted. This school is amazing and I have learned a significant amount with the time I have spent there so far! An appreciation that I gained from learning how to paint and draw at "Ani Art Academy" was also the skill of how to learn. I am very grateful for the education I received . That said, I see coding as an art, one that can be learned. 
I won't be too productive in the meantime with painting due to putting all my energy into LaunchCode. I want to code to the best of my abilities as I believe it will be a valuable skill going into the future.  

3/14/2023 Update:
 Still on a creative break for the foreseeable future. 

Coding progress is going well. Currently close to finishing unit 2 of LaunchCode, and have picked up a bunch of new computer skills along the way. Once I finish this program, I will be taking control of my website from Wix and programming it on my own from scratch. I want to find a way to incorporate coding into my art or my art into coding. I am not sure how that will unfold, but I am stoked regardless! Thank you for visiting! Look around to your hearts content!

Welcome to 
Fine artist in St. Louis

Twitter: @Something_420_

Instagram: Alex_Jove_Art
Tik Tok: AJ_Mints

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